About Us


We are based in Okutama,where is most western part of Tokyo. As you know Tokyo is one of the biggest city in the world but Okutama isn’t like that. We can’t believe Okutama is still in Tokyo.
There is beautiful nature and we can have pure clear water from the mountains around here.These water help growing wasabi.
You might have wasabi somewhere like at sushi restaurant but have you had REAL wasabi? REAL wasabi tastes totally different from wasabi that you have had before for sure.
We would like to introduce Japanese real wasabi for everyone in the world.

Tour guides

●Hitoshi Tsunoi

Hello , I’m Hitoshi Tsunoi. I’m going to be your tour guide here at Okutama wasabi experience.

I’m from Yokosuka-shi , Kanagawa but I moved to Okutama because here is much more beautiful and attractive place!

I still can’t believe Okutama is in Tokyo.

I would like to let you know what is real Tokyo and what is real taste of WASABI!!Wasabi is really unique and one of the Japanese native spice.

はじめまして、奥多摩わさび体験案内人の角井 仁(つのい ひとし)です。



●Tatsuya Tsunoi (Tacchan)

Hello I’m Tacchan, I work for wasabi in Okutama.

I have worked various jobs in Tokyo, Osaka, and other places in Japan, and then I met WASABI!

I’m so proud of Tokyo wasabi but most of wasabi fields are owned by retired owners. I would like to help them with our wasabi tour.

Why don’t you come to see us(Tsunoi brothers)?



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