Wasabi Experience Tour

wasabi field

<Features of Wasabi Tour>

You won’t be able to believe Okutama is still in Tokyo but it is real.We will take you to the wasabi fields where you can’t come in by yourself.Beautiful mother nature and stunning canyons will be seen.
Wasabi fields is an ancient tradition in Okutama and has been kept for many many years.You maybe don’t know how real wasabi look like or its taste.However , you can harvest great wasabi from that fields and enjoy the taste of real wasabi.

<Tour Fee>

<About Tour>

Tour Departing

9:00 or 13:00 – 3 hours return
※BBQ and Sushi combo will take plus 1 – 2 hour

Meeting Point

〒198 – 0147
1 – 192 – 4 , Mitake , Ome-shi , Tokyo

map of meeting point


Time Schedule

1.Meet your tour guide at meeting point in Mitake, Okutama (9:00 or 13:00)

2. Instruction for WASABI tour (about 20min)

3. Head to WASABI field (takes about 15min by car)

4. Walk to WASABI field
* short walk in nature about 15min

5. Harvest WASABI!

6. Tasting real WASABI
* You can try to eat real wasabi with beautiful Japanese rice

7. Back to meeting point

What you need

※If you are not able to walk by yourself, we don’t recommend this tour but you can still join the tasting.Please ask us from here!

What included

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